The "Ion Dumitriu" Foundation

The "Ion Dumitriu" Foundation was established in September 1998, upon the initiative of the artist’s family and a group of close friends.

The main purpose of the Foundation is to make the inventory, to catalogue, to promote and valorize the works of the artist Ion Dumitriu.

Consequently, the Foundation carries out on a constant basis activities of elaboration, editing and distribution of reproductions (copies), catalogues, monographs, albums with, and with respect to, the artist’s works.

The Foundation also organizes exhibitions in Romania and abroad, grants prizes, scholarships and other distinctions to the debutant artists or to the persons who contribute to the putting into value of the artistic works of Ion Dumitriu.

Certificates of AUTHENTICITY

Certificates of Authenticity of Original Works by Ion Dumitriu

Foundation "Ion Dumitriu" issues certificates of authenticity of the work of Ion Dumitriu. These certificates are the only ones authorised by the foundation and officially valid.

To begin the process of certifying a work of art, you should fill in and send to the "Ion Dumitriu" Foundation the form through which you may become a member of the Foundation, form that contains the known references to the work (full title, year of production, technique, size, provenance, etc.). You should also send your contact data.
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