Ion Dumitriu - Biography

Ion Dumitriu was born on March 1, 1943, in Galati. He passed away on September 26, 1998, in Bucharest.

Ion Dumitriu graduated the Bucharest Pedagogic Institute, Plastic Arts Faculty in 1965 and, further, “Nicolae Grigorescu” Plastic Arts Institute from Bucharest, Plastic Arts Faculty – Museums Section in 1981.

He was a member of the Union of Plastic Artists (painting section) starting with 1975, and during the period 1991 – 1993 he was the vice-president of such Union.

1951-1962 The years of elementary school and high school in Galati. During the period 1960 – 1962 he attends the group of plastic art from within the Salom Alehem Cultural House, led by the painter Lola Dorothea Roth Smirer.

1962-1965 Pedagogic Institute, Plastic Arts Faculty, Bucharest.

1978-1981 "Museums. Drawing Teacher." Section from within the Plastic Arts Faculty of the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Plastic Arts Institute (currently, the Art University) from Bucharest.

Consequently, Ion Dumitriu had an academic formation in two stages, in the area of art pedagogy. Ion Dumitriu was a truly remarkable drawing teacher, innovating, having pedagogical gift, being loved by the students of many generations that he taught; the cult for friendship, as well as his humanity, have marked also his teaching career.

From 1966, drawing teacher at several elementary schools from Bucharest and the surrounding areas: Elementary School from Ciorogârla Commune, Elementary School no. 157, Militari, Elementary School no. 161, Giulesti-Sârbi, Elementary School no. 142, Militari, Elementary School no. 162, Giulesti. From 1980 and until the time he passed away he was a drawing – painting teacher at the “Nicolae Tonitza” high school, Bucharest.

1971-1991 Each summer, for several weeks, the painter had his “workshop” in Poiana Marului, Brasov. Here, he developed a clearly articulated “speech”. The critics spoke about the “Poiana Marului School”, including Ion Dumitriu among its representatives (together with Horia Bernea, Teodor Moraru, Teodor Rusu, Serban Epure and others).

Starting with 1970s, Ion Dumitriu traveled abroad, showing an active curiosity towards new people and places, returning with a high number of photos and objects that “captured” moods, moments, local specificity and which “enriched” his works, being inspiration sources, as well as his workshop, as the summa of tangible testimony of (a) personal mythology(ies).

1971 - Ateneul Tineretului, Bucure演i
1974 - Clubul presei str緅ne, Bucure演i
1976 - Galeria Galateea, Bucure演i
1982 - Galeria Simeza, Bucure演i
1984 - Accademia di Romania, Roma, Italia
1984 - Galeria Simeza, Bucure演i
1985 - Galeria Pro Arte, Lugoj
1987 - Galeria Simeza, Bucure演i
1990 - Galeria Simeza, Bucure演i
1991 - Galeria La Source, Fontaine-les-Dijon, Frana
1993 - Colecia Naional de Gravur, Bistria
1993 - Muzeul Naional de Art, Cluj-Napoca
1994 - Galeria Herbert Read, Canterbury, Anglia
1995 - Galeria Simeza, Bucure演i
1998 - Galeria 28, Timi榣ara
1998 - Muzeul Agriculturii din Rom滱ia, Slobozia

1999 - Muzeul Literaturii Rom滱e, Bucuresti
1999 - Galeria 28, Timisoara
2002 - Galeria Sabina si Jean Negulescu, Bucuresti
2003 - Galeria Arcade 24 a Uniunii Artistilor Plastici, Bistrita Nasaud
2004 - Galeria ArTei - Hanul cu Tei, Bucuresti
2007 - Galeria Posibila, Bucuresti
2008 - Galeria Arcade 24 a Uniunii Artistilor Plastici, Bistrita Nasaud
2008 - Galeria Canem, Castell de la Plana, Spain
2008 - Galeria Canem - ARTESANTANDER 2008,
       XVII International Fair of Contemporary Art, Santander, Spain
2008 - Galeria Canem - ARTE LISBOA'08, Contemporary Art Fair, Lisboa, Portugal
2008 - Galeria Posibila, Bucuresti, Romania
2009 - Galeria de Arta Contemporana - Muzeul National Brukenthal, Sibiu, Romania
2010 - Ceaineria Carturesti, Bucuresti, Romania
2011 - Galeria Arcade 24 a Uniunii Artistilor Plastici, Bistrita Nasaud, Romania
2012 - Galeria Dialog, Bucuresti, Romania
2013 - Galeria 28, Timisoara, Romania

1972 - Sala Bibliotecii Centrale Universitare, Bucure演i
     - Expoziie de grup, Kartner, Austria
1973 - "Expresionismul ca atitudine", Galeria Orizont (Sala Atelier 35), Bucure演i
1974 - "Noi probleme ale imaginii", Galeria Orizont (Sala Atelier 35), Bucure演i
     - "Noi probleme ale imaginii", Cluj
1975 - "Autoportretul", Atelier 35, Bucure演i
     - "Lucrul, imaginea, semnul", Galeria Nou, Bucure演i
1976 - "Arta 槐 natura", Galeria Noua, Bucure演i
     - "Fotografii folosite de arti演ii plastici, I",
	   Casa de cultur Friedrich Schiller, Bucure演i
1977 - "Fotografii folosite de arti演ii plastici, II", 
       Casa de cultur Friedrich Schiller, Bucure演i
1978 - "Studiul I", Galeria Bastion, Timi榣ara
     - "Fotografii folosite de arti演ii plastici, III", 
	   Casa de cultur Friedrich Schiller, Bucure演i
     - "Ipostaze ale figurativului", Galeriile de Art ale Municipiului Bucure演i
1979 - "Imagine, studiu, document", Caminul Artei, Bucure演i
     - Zilele culturii rom滱e演i, Berlin, Germania
1980 - "Scrierea", Institutul de Arhitectur Ion Mincu, Bucure演i
     - Muzeul de Art, Rm. Valcea
1981 - "Studiul II", Galeria Bastion, Timi榣ara
     - "Florile în pictura româneasc", Viena, Austria
1985 - Expoziia omagial Picu Patrut - "Imagini ale locului rom滱esc", 
       Muzeul Satului, Bucure演i
     - "Trienala de pictur realist" de la Sofia, Bulgaria
     -  Kutaisi, Gruzia
1986 - "12 pictori români contemporani", Atena, Grecia
     - The Mall Galleries, Londra, Anglia
     - Expoziie de art plastic româneasc contemporan, Glasgow, Tara Galilor
1987 - Al XIX-lea Festival internaional de pictur, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Frana
1988 - A IX-a Bienala internaional de pictur din Cehoslovacia, Kosice
1989 - Expoziia de art contemporan rom滱easc, Beijing, China
1991 - Pictori romani de azi, Galeria "La Cordee", Paris, Frana
1994 - "Semnul", Galeria Galla, Bucure演i
1996 - Centre d'Art i Natura, Farrera de Pallars, Cattalunya, Spania
     - Expoziie de grup, Trelleborg, Suedia
1997 - Expoziie de grup, Malmo, Suedia
1999 - Expoziie de grup, Galeria Apollo, Bucure演i

1982 - Premiul revistei Arta
1984 - Premiul Contracampo, Italia
1985 - Diploma de onoare la "Trienala de pictur realist", Sofia
1986 - Placheta Una cultura per l'Europa, Roma
1988 - Premiul Comitetului Naional la a IX-a Bienala de pictur, Košice
1989 - Premiul revistei Flacara
1991 - Premiul pentru pictur al Uniunii Arti演ilor Plastici din România
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